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Change Masters

Online access ...

Anywhere in the world with internet access can work together in a coordinated way.

Dialog Workbooks provide the ultimate tool for coaching and mentoring ...

The Dialog Workbook provides a two-way flow of information and training that is available online at a time that is most convenient. The dialog may be interrupted and picked up where it left off. The progress of the workbook may be monitored while maintaining confidentiality. The results may be used as the basis for a productive coaching or mentoring conversation or as a tool for binging more power and impact to a training sessions for groups.


Dialog Workbook for ...

  • Written content
  • Links to web pages
  • Video clips
  • Collected responses and workbook exercises
  • Written reports available in multiple formats
  • Continuous build of material for a complete online workbook
  • Collaboration across many time zones

Dialog Workbook features ...

  • Pre-work and preparation for webinars
  • Gathering and reporting of results for an individual
  • Reporting on group summary data
  • Interrupted session restarts where it left off
  • Progress monitoring
  • Reminder email automation