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Visual, vocal and content ...

Visual cues are an essential part of communications effectiveness. Adding visual to communications increase understanding even if it is not great video. If it is great video, it is even better even if it is not in-person.

Video Conferencing ...

Video conferencing comes in many forms that are a great supplement to the tools of leadership communications. Teleconferencing has been around for a long time and does not always have a great reputation.

With many new options and appropriate use it is now possible for development of leadership communications without the time consuming overhead of travel.

PC Video Conference

First class, business class or coach class ...

One of our customers has broken video coaching into three categories. First class is the telepresence suite. Business class is the traditional business video conferencing. Coach class is the wide variety of low cost video conferencing using laptop computers for video and sound.



Several of our customers are adopting the next level of video conferencing. Images are full size and the sound is directional so it feels similar to being in the same room.

We are able to work with our customers with creative approaches to blend this new technology with our time tested approaches to coaching.

Group Room

Some of the rooms will accommodate teams working together or gathering via teleconference. We are providing "drop-ins" that provide one to two hour enhancements to team meetings that works within existing travel budgets.



Individual video ...

There are many options that turn a computer into an economical video conferencing system. Examples include Skype which can be a free service where a webcam on each computer and a high speed internet connection is all that you need for one-on-one video conversations. Another option is Microsoft's Live Meeting that can incorporate multiple participants using high speed internet connections. These are two of the options we offer our clients for follow-up coaching engagements.