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“Seeing Yourself as Others Do is easy to read and crammed full of useful insights and information. It deserves to be read and re-read many times because new and useful ideas will emerge each time.”
James A. Mitchell, Executive Vice President (retired)
American Express Company

Distance coaching is ...

Coaching that does not require being face-to-face to be effective. In fact, one of the critical leadership skills today is the ability to communicate remotely. Remotely may be across the world or across the country. Even more common is remote communications on another floor or another building.

What is important to grasp is that there are now more tools and more need for coaching at a distance.


Face-to-face may be better, but ...

It is not always possible to meet face-to-face. It may be better to spend time communicating rather than traveling. We strongly believe in the power of face-to-face communications if it is done well. Too often leaders spend considerable time traveling to a remote location only to spend most of the time solving problems back home. Ultimately, coaching is about relationship and efficacy. Well executed distance coaching is better than a poorly executed face-to-face coaching.

ChangeMasters.com has face-to-face individual coaching for those situations where it is most appropriate. ExecutiveCoach.com provides excellent distance coaching when you can not be face-to-face.


Digital Coaching ...

The power of learning in a continuous and interesting conversation is now replicated in digital delivery. It is like having coffee once each week with a high talent coach or a seasoned and successful executive. We currently have two series available as a subscription.

Coach Conversations™

Coach Conversations delivers powerful tips that can be used everyday. These 5 to 7 minute segments arrive attached to an email.

Learning From Experience™

A former Executive Vice President of American Express talks about how to be successful in both your work and personal life. You can learn from the experience of highly successful leaders.