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Advice that has made thousands of people successful with simple application to your daily life.

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Learning From Experience is a collection of interviews that provide you with mentoring from some top executives that have helped many others be successful. You receive a weekly message as a voice recording. Just one of these messages might change your life. Learn from the experienced and successful executives.



Featured Leader ... Doug Lennick
former Executive Vice President of American Express

Doug Lennick is internationally known for his success in leading a field organization of 14,000 people to unparalleled success. He has taught thousands how to be successful in their personal lives as well as their business lives. He shares his advice with entertaining stories that make the message come alive in both Learning From Experience format and in the double DVD set called Lennick Across the Table. His Learning From Experience modules include:

Modual 1: Goal Achievement
Modual 2: Leadership Attributes
Modual 3: Improving Emotional Competence
Modual 4: Living in Alignment


Have an expert with you every week ...

Wouldn’t it be great to have a weekly conversation with some of the most experienced and successful executives about their area of expertise? The Learning From Experience series makes it possible to hear valuable advice every week using technology and the Internet.

You can now hear a weekly conversation with a top leader thanks to our patent-pending technology. Subscribers receive an email each week with an attached sound file that you can listen to on your PC. Change Masters asks the questions you would like to have answered by these top leaders. Subscribers to our series have reported it feels like listening in on a great conversation with a respected, experienced advisor. There is a very high payback for this investment - just one good idea from conversations with these gifted leaders can be worth many times more than your investment of time and money.

Fortunately, the series is very easy on your time. Just four to seven minutes each week will inspire you and give you great ideas to lead others. The messages are delivered as a part of your daily routine on checking email so it’s very easy to use.