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“Many years ago, Carol Keers and Tom Mungavan coached me to become a better leader as well as business mentor while CEO of Toro. The lasting impact they had me is reflected powerfully in Seeing Yourself as Others Do. This is a book for top flight people who want to reach their maximum potential by managing perceptions. I recommend it strongly to talented individuals at any stage of their careers.”
Kendrick B. Melrose, Retired Chairman & CEO,
The Toro Company

The C.L.E.A.R.L.I. Authentic Executive Attributes ...

Some people own their space, projecting ease, warmth and capability. People observe your walk, posture, facial expression, vocal impact and dress quality to assess executive presence. They watch how you enter a room, sit in a chair and graciously interact with others. Command of the room with gracious charisma is the look and sound of confidence, conviction and competence based on nonverbal behavior.

Achieving great results requires knowing how to influence others and also understanding the organization’s power and politics. The most influential leaders use influence without being seen as political. They know how to use the power they’ve been given in a values-based manner. Being an effective influencer with authentic political savvy is not an oxymoron. It’s achievable and essential to your success.

Executive presence means you can move back and forth easily between strategic vision and tactical direction. Both need to be articulated well and connected continuously. Creating an engaging vision for a goal or project gives the tasks meaning. Execution makes a strategic vision more real and relevant. Mastery of both allows you to create and capture value. We present ideas to help you keep people on track using our expectation-setting model.

Presentations have changed the trajectory of many high-level careers. Connecting with the audience is what makes the difference. Outstanding presentation skills can dramatically impact the direction and commitment of an organization. Formal and informal presentations of information are the moments in which people significantly assess your capability. Even small-group presentations in front of the right audience can be pivotal. Maximizing your presentations with these tips will dramatically increase your memorable executive presence.

Interpersonal skills have always been key to leadership success. Their importance has been increased by globalization, diversity, instantaneous communications and the expectation of 24/7 electronic interactions. The speed and access of communications has changed how we lead around the world, in different buildings or across the table. We are all dependent on so many people to get our jobs done today. Managing relationships well can make or break your effectiveness both locally and around the globe.

Most executives think they are much better listeners than others do. Great listening is not just great hearing. The test of a good listener is whether the other person feels heard and understood. Several studies have identified listening as the most critical success factor for executives. You spend over half your day listening to others; you may as well get good at it!

Praise and motivation matter. If you’re not consistently reinforcing what you expect, you won’t get what you expect. People deliver best when they feel valued and respected, no matter what pressures exist. To get the biggest impact for the praise you deliver, demonstrate honest warmth with engaged poise, because praise from you matters more than you know.