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One of the components of the Virtual Workshop is professional quality presentation material that is informative and impactful. The bulk of the sessions are discussion and exercises that give practical application of the attributes.

Virtual Workshop Levels for Authentic Executive Presence ...

There are three levels of Virtual Workshop.

Virtual Workshop Component Bronze Silver Gold
Advanced Preparation   YES YES
CLEARLI Survey of 10 survey participants   YES YES
Individual Survey Report   YES YES
Group Summary Report   YES YES
Workshop Session 1 (2 hours) YES YES YES
Workshop Session 2 (2 hours) YES YES YES
Workshop Session 3 (2 hours) YES YES YES
Workshop Session 4 (2 hours) YES YES YES
Workshop Session 5 (2 hours) YES YES YES
Workshop Session 6 (2 hours) YES YES YES
Workbook Handouts for each session YES YES YES
Active Dialog Workbooks     YES
CLEARLI Follow-up Accountability Survey   YES YES
Individual Accountability Survey Report   YES YES
Group Summary Accountability Report   YES YES
Book and materials   YES YES
Email Dialogue Sessions     YES
Coach Conversations (Months of subscription)   12 24
Individual Coaching Session (50 minutes)     YES
Enrollment Fee for each with a minimum of ten participants (US) $990 $1,900 $2,900

Assumes high speed internet connection and high quality IP telephony. We are able to utilize customer telephone networks or alternative audio connections are available at an additional charge. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Preparing for success includes a self-awareness survey of ten people. We conduct a CLEARLI survey regarding seven authentic executive presence attributes that tie directly to the Virtual Workshop sessions. Each individual participant receives their own report which provides a clear perspective of how others see them.

Where appropriate, the summary of the results across all participants give insight in the needs of the organization.

There is a series of six workshops that combine professional material along with facilitated discussion and exercises to apply the material to practical situations.

The foundation skills are used across the seven CLEARLI attributes.

Workbooks are used for each session for preparation and application of the principles in the workshop. The final session includes each person setting implementation goals for the next 6 to 12 months. Those goals are reinforced in the ongoing support phase and monitored in the accountability phase for Silver and Gold Levels..

Workshop Series List

Click on the sample slide to view a sample of the presentation. (The sample is lower quality than the live version to reduce the file size.) Each chapter contains 20 to 35 minutes of prepared material.

The remainder is discussion and application.

Active Dialog Workbooks™ are used between each of the six sessions to apply what is learned to everyday situations for the Gold Level. The Workbook is an online tool that provides additional training materials and exercises. It also collects information to be utilized in the subsequent sessions.

Active Dialog Workbooks are an excellent way to keep the leaning experience alive. The value of any leaning experience is in the implementation that moves individuals and organizations toward their goals.

The initial CLEARLI survey gives important feedback. It is also a benchmark that can be compared to a follow-up survey that is completed about six months after the VIrtual Workshop sessions. This provides the individual with valuable progress feedback. For those with group reports, there is also the opportunity to measure the progress of the group.

In addition to the CLEARLI measurements, we are able to gather narrative feedback for the participants about the action plans they established in the final workshop. The survey participants are able to report on progress and make suggestions for further improvement.

The book "Seeing Yourself as Others Do - Authentic Executive Presence at Any Stage of Your Career" is the cornerstone of this workshop series. The book and related materials are provided as a part of the Gold and Silver level packages.

A series of weekly emails are sent to participants as reminders, encouragement and questions about the application of the workshop materials.

Coach Conversations provides you with weekly coaching advice that is relevant, entertaining, and convenient to your time schedule .Coach Conversations is an innovative coaching tool that comes to you in a unique voiced format, delivering our most powerful leadership communication strategies to you via an email attachment.

You can listen to the conversations on your computer or offload them to an iPod or similar device.

The Gold level package offers the opportunity to receive individual coaching from a highly experienced coach who knows your feedback and your goals for the workshop. The coaching session is done using video over IP that can be used where ever there is a high speed internet connection. These session are individually scheduled.



"We needed a game changer for our staff assigned to projects as leaders. Almost all of the staff in our department of 100+ internal resources lead in their role on critical business projects. In facing off with key stake holders across various business areas and IT functions, we needed to shift people toward addressing a more complex set softer variables (and give them tools to do something about it). The webinar training from Change Masters has provided measurable and observable changes in staff behavior in project leadership. We are now seeing interest from other departments outside ours, as well as interest from our vendor partners in taking the course with us. It is truly profound."

Allen Debes
Vice President, Solution Delivery Services
Thrivent Financial